When You Want to Exercise


Change Your Thoughts


My traveling buddy is sick what am I going to do?

My thoughts were that I was not going to be able to complete all of my tasks. But after my first two stops I realized that this was a great opportunity to get steps in.  2,575 steps later I realized that all I had to do was to CHANGE MY THOUGHTS.

So,  no matter what in 2017 change your thoughts, eat right and exercise.

Ending On A Good Note


It was cold and rain mixed with snow.  Firewood was high on the list as well as other necessities and counting my steps was high on the list.  And  1,350 steps later 2016 ends on a good note.

Happy New Year and keep on stepping in 2017.



Getting It In


It has been awhile with making all those holiday goodies, the snow, decorating, and writing all those cards.  Just a friendly reminder to not forget to GET THOSE STEPS IN.  2,545 steps on yesterday. Keep on stepping this Christmas and Holiday Season!


Time Well Spent


Spent a lot of time in this city lately because of appointments.

I decided that it would be time well spent and made a decision to not use cabs but instead bus it!   What a plan!  So I walked 4 blocks to the first bus stop, 2 blocks to the second bus stop.  On arrival to my appointment complex I chose to take the long route to get to my area.  I did the reverse after the appointments to return home and look at the steps taken numbers.  5,630 after one appointment and 5,999 after another.  Time well spent!

Be sure to visit Bow Legs and Arthritis




Outside activity may be limited now because of the change in the weather.  Still get those steps in.  There are lots of indoor chores that need to be done in preparing the home for winter.   And very, very important please remember to eat well.  Get that lean protein in and please have those greens.



Can you believe that just a few days ago the forecast was for wind, rain, trees down, roads flooded?  Blogging and exercise were not on my mind.  Now that all is calm…it really is time to see how the storm affected my stepping.  To my surprise the storm actually motivated more exercise that I realized.  Three days of preparation resulted in 1,962, 2,372 and 1,405 steps taken.  WOW!!!!



Rainy day and leaves.  Not a good combination.  So as I take each step I am extra careful to dodge the wet leaves.

As I slowly decend  back down the driveway I realize that by being careful I did 1,515 steps!